Oil & Vinegar Franchise

Oil & Vinegar Franchise

Nice to meet you!

Oil & Vinegar is a successful franchise formula born from a passion for good food and quality ingredients. Since it was founded in the Netherlands in 1999, Oil & Vinegar has grown into an international chain of stores with around 100 branches in twelve countries, five of which are in Switzerland.

You can find the Oil & Vinegar shops in the center of larger cities (from 100.000 inhabitants) as well as in larger shopping centers that are future-proof and appeal to a wide audience.

The company's international headquarters (Assisi BV) is in Oosterhout, The Netherlands. The international office, the central warehouse and the service center are located here. In Switzerland, multitaskin feinfood GmbH in Muttenz, BL has the master license and grants franchises. The most important goals for the near future are healthy ongoing growth and a consistently high level of professionalism in Switzerland.
As a franchisee, you have all the options of an independent entrepreneur and at the same time the support of the knowledge and experience of Oil & Vinegar Switzerland. The service center in Muttenz supports the franchisees in the areas of administration, benchmarking, marketing, shopfitting, presentation and visual merchandising.

Passion is the beginning of everything - be passionate about taste!

Our formula

The Oil & Vinegar formula

Oil & Vinegar is an innovative culinary gift shop with exclusive products of the highest quality under our own brand. The products are selected with great care and are often manufactured by traditional family businesses in the country of origin. In this way, they retain their authentic flavor and you can taste the Mediterranean sun in our herbs, sauces and pasta. However, our absolute specialties are our olive oil and vinegar varieties, for which we have selected the best products from all the important countries of origin. Our customers can taste all the products in the store, let themselves be seduced by the delicious aromas and thus make the right choice. Combined with the welcoming character of the store, the personal attention we give to our customers and the way our gifts are wrapped, this makes a visit to Oil & Vinegar a very special culinary experience that our customers keep coming back for.

Innovative store design

Oil & Vinegar is something for people who enjoy themselves. A visit to our shops is a special experience. The open character of the store is inviting and once inside all the senses are stimulated by the tasty presentation of the culinary products, many of which can be sampled. It also offers a wide range of oils and vinegars that are freshly tapped on site - a feast for everyone who loves to cook and eat well. This type of presentation not only encourages additional impulse purchases, but also turns every recipient into a potential new customer.

In order to keep surprising our customers, we change the entire atmosphere of the store every 6 to 8 weeks. Depending on the topic, we present the latest products and kitchen utensils from a specific country or continent so that our customers can be further inspired and go on a journey of discovery in their own kitchen!
Franchisees receive support in the different facets of entrepreneurship.


Positive attitude, craftsmanship and enthusiasm

Do you recognize yourself in these characteristics?

  • You are an enthusiastic hobby cook and have an eye for quality. A love of food, cooking and awareness of quality are essential requirements for successful entrepreneurship in an Oil & Vinegar shop.
  • You are bursting with energy and show full commitment. You stand in the store yourself and tirelessly give your customers the attention they deserve.You are well informed about their desires and their previous purchases. With your advice, your enthusiasm and the quality of your personal service, you ensure customer loyalty. Your commitment turns your customers into ambassadors for your store.
  • You have sales talent and a commercial attitude. Sales talent is a combination of hospitality, knowledge of human nature, determination and flair.You are a true host and a good fit for your target audience. In addition, you are able to build a team that, together with you, is the business card of your store. Professional hygiene and neatness are a matter of course for you.
  • You have leadership skills. The store is your own business and you take responsibility, even though the service center supports you in many areas. You can be both inspirational and corrective with your staff.
  • You have sufficient financial leeway.You are willing and able to bring equity to the bank financing of your shop.You have the expertise to continuously analyze your sales and correct your course if necessary.

As a franchisee you have all the options of an independent entrepreneur and at the same time the support of the knowledge and experience of Oil & Vinegar Switzerland.


Oil & Vinegar support

As a franchisee, you have a lot to deal with. It's nice to have people around you whose good advice you can rely on. From the first contact, you will receive intensive support from competent employees, each with their own area of ​​expertise and their own specialty. For example, setting up your new store will be supported by our visual merchandisers. Before you take over your own shop, you will receive intensive training combined with an internship so that you are thoroughly prepared. In addition, you will be looked after directly by us and we will be happy to answer all your questions.

Your opinion counts!

It is important to us to constantly innovate Oil & Vinegar as a formula. Therefore, our efforts are aimed at the continuous renewal and improvement of our concept. The practical experience of our franchisees is indispensable.

Graduated plan

Entrepreneurship is the most important characteristic

1. Step - General Information Request

We managed to arouse your enthusiasm? Then we ask you to contact us. After receiving the information, we will contact you and if the conditions are right, we will meet for a personal interview in one of our stores.

2. Step - Getting to know each other and follow-up talks

During this conversation we get to know each other personally. We'll set up an appointment at one of our stores and talk about the Oil & Vinegar franchise concept and whether it might be a good fit for you. After getting to know each other, you can get a good picture of our organization and our concept, and we can get a good picture of you.

After this initial introductory meeting, you will have a direct contact person at Oil & Vinegar whom you can contact if you have any further questions and who will also accompany you as you proceed if you decide to take the next step.

3. Step - Trial Day

We give you the opportunity to work in an Oil & Vinegar shop for a day or two on a trial basis. This should strengthen your decision and ours.You experience an exciting day in the middle of an Oil & Vinegar shop, gain initial experience with Oil & Vinegar customers who are looking for something special, help with the work steps in the shop and enjoy the atmosphere in an Oil & Vinegar shop "from the inside".

4. Step - Further conversations and location search

To strengthen your decision, we will give you an overview of the "hard facts", profitability indicators, etc. and we talk about possible locations. Together with you we will look for the right location for your Oil & Vinegar shop, for your future as an entrepreneur.

5. Step - signing of the franchise agreement.

This is an official celebratory moment! This contract sets out the agreements that we made with each other prior to signing the franchise contract.

6. Step - Training

You start your apprenticeship in one of our stores. At the same time, the merchandising training, the product training and the cash register training will be planned with you so that you can start fully prepared!

7. Step - Grand Opening

The Grand Opening of Your Own Store! After your store opening with the intensive help of Oil & Vinegar, things really get going! You set to work to make your shop a success and get maximum yield.Your life as an independent entrepreneur has begun!

And then?

Further support and advice

You will be supported by direct support in Switzerland and our own shops. The intranet with all the important news and current information ensures you consistently up-to-date knowledge of the system and a direct line to your colleagues in Switzerland.

What can Oil & Vinegar offer you?

Oil & Vinegar Switzerland as a franchisor considers an open relationship with the franchisees to be very important. We are very proud of our concept and want to offer all new franchisees a good basis in the form of training, workshops and lots of support. This also means that we are open to new ideas and innovations. We're sure the future of Oil & Vinegar will be as fascinating to you as it is to us.

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