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Grapefruit Citrus Agrodolce

Grapefruit Citrus Agrodolce

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The taste of the sunny south greets you here! Our new 'Limited Edition' straight from Modena, Italy: the perfect Agrodolce with the fresh taste of sun-ripened grapefruit, orange and lemon. A particularly refreshing combination with a high fruit content (12% grapefruit juice, 3.5% orange juice, 3.5% lemon juice) that goes particularly well with salads, for example with avocado, shrimp or fish. Also delicious in sauces or marinades, brilliant in fruity cocktails (with Prosecco) or alcohol-free mocktails (with mineral water), for refining desserts and much more.

Delicate fruity taste for fresh and creative cuisine.

Exclusive to Oil & Vinegar.


Traubenmost, Weinessig (Sulfit), konzentrierter Grapefruitsaft (12%), konzentrierter Orangensaft (3,5%), konzentrierter Zitronensaft (3,5%), Verdickungsmittel: Zitronenpektin, natürliches Grapefruitaroma (0,1%).


Value pro
100 G
Energie KJ
1033,0 KJ
Energie Kcal
243,0 KCAL
0,0 G
davon gesättigte Fettsäuren
0,0 G
55,3 G
davon Zucker
55,3 G
0,0 G
0,06 G


  • Sulfit

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