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chicken stand

chicken stand

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Have you heard of the beer can recipe? This grill recipe is enjoying increasing popularity. The chicken is simply placed on a beer can and placed in the grill. The beer - or other liquid - will ensure the chicken is nicely tender and flavorful. With our chicken stand you can make a delicious chicken - in your oven or on your grill.

The handle ears and the spout on the front make it easier to pour out the roast liquid so that it can be used as gravy.

Tip! Fill the drip tray with potatoes or vegetables, which cook beautifully in the chicken juice.

Why this chicken stand should not be missing in your kitchen:

- the chicken is tender on the inside and wonderfully crispy on the outside

- can be used with beer, wine, ketchup, prosecco and other delicacies.

Suitable for dishwashers, ovens and grills up to 200 °C

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