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Jungle Frøg Chili Salt Spice Grinder 32 g

Jungle Frøg Chili Salt Spice Grinder 32 g

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The JUNGLE FRØG spice grinder contains 32g chili salt.

Makes every dish a highlight!

About the brand:

Many chillies and chili products travel halfway around the globe before they end up on our plates. This madness does not have to be, because even the most exotic types of chili can be cultivated with us. All the chillies that are processed into JUNGLE DØG and JUNGLE FRØG grow in Switzerland, and initially in urban agriculture. JUNGLE DØG is a puristic chili sauce that gives every imaginable dish a fiery spiciness and adds an exotic fruity flavor to it without overpowering it. In addition, with JUNGLE FRØG we have designed a chili salt that sends a strong signal against food waste: It contains only chillies that no longer fully ripen in autumn.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jngldg/


Meersalz, Chilis (6%)
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