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Pasta machine

Pasta machine

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Homemade pasta made from fresh ingredients definitely tastes best. And with this beautiful machine in the house, you'll only want your pasta to be homemade. Knead the dough ingredients into a smooth dough, turn it through the machine a few times, and then you can make e.g. B. spaghetti, tagliatelle or lasagna can be made. During hectic times, production slows down even before the first bite! Then it's: Buon Appetito! The machine's dough rolling function has seven different levels (dough thicknesses). With this function, the dough can be rolled step by step to the desired thickness for further processing. In addition to dough discs for lasagne or ravioli, this pasta machine can also be used to make various types of pasta such as spaghetti and tagliatelle (corresponding attachments are included).

For optimal stability on the table, it is best to place a piece of cardboard between the table top and the table clamp, also so that the table is not damaged. The device is not machine washable. It is best cleaned with a soft dry cloth and a brush.

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