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Black Garlic Sauce 250 ml

Black Garlic Sauce 250 ml

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Exceptional sauce with black garlic. Mildly sweet and savory and without an intrusive garlic smell. Excellent with grilled beef, white fish, baked potatoes or pasta (salad).

This special black garlic sauce contains over 6% black garlic and is a real delicacy! The black variety is very different from white garlic, as it does not have such an obtrusive taste and does not have the smell of conventional garlic.
Black garlic is a very special ingredient. It is produced by fermenting fresh white garlic, in which it is exposed to a temperature of 60 - 80 degrees for several weeks at a high humidity of 90 - 90 percent. This process then ensures the natural black color. This change resembles a caramelization process, but actually occurs through the so-called Maillard reaction: a chemical reaction between reducing sugars and amino acids that leads to the formation of melanoidin. This is where the dark color comes from.

The ready-to-use sauce goes perfectly with grilled beef, white fish, baked potatoes or pasta (salad). It is available exclusively from Oil & Vinegar.


Mayonnaise (Rapsöl, Wasser, Essig, Eigelb, Zucker, Salz, Senfkörner, Antioxidationsmittel: Rosmarinextrakt, Konservierungsmittel: Kaliumsorbat, Aroma (Soja und Sellerie)), Essig, Zucker, schwarzer Knoblauch (Sulfit) (6%) (Spanien), Salz, Sojabohnen, rote Zwiebel, Gewürze, Dextrose, Raucharoma, Rapsöl.
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