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Chakalaka Dip - 90g

Chakalaka Dip - 90g

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Super convenient blend of chili, tomato, garlic and turmeric for the signature South African “Chakalaka” braai sauce. Simmer in olive oil for a delicious marinade with meat, fish and vegetables, or simply add to stews or sauces for an extra flavorful touch. Also delicious as a dip or spread by mixing with yoghurt or crème fraiche.

A braai and a barbecue are not the same. In South Africa, braai is an important and popular piece of culture. It's not just about the food, but also about the social gathering and the experience around it. Braai is also a kind of slow food: you really take all the time in the world. Therefore it is often an afternoon and/or evening event.

With this delicious chakalaka dip, you can easily bring a piece of African braai culture into your home. Versatile and ready in no time!


Knoblauch (22%) (nicht-EU), Salz, Zwiebeln, Chili (11%) (nicht-EU), Kurkuma, Tomaten trocken (Tomatenmark, Maisstärke), Paprika (6,2%) (nicht-EU), Karotte, Koriander, Lauch, Olivenöl, Kreuzkümmel, Senfmehl, Bockshornklee, Gewürze, Muskatnuss, Ingwer.


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100 G
Energie KJ
1300 KJ
Energie Kcal
310 KCAL
7,7 G
davon gesättigte Fettsäuren
1,4 G
41,3 G
davon Zucker
26,3 G
11,7 G
13,90 G


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