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Condiment Balsamic Vinegar Blood Orange 250 ml

Condiment Balsamic Vinegar Blood Orange 250 ml

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Sweet, complex and a touch bitter: this blood orange balsamic vinegar is ideal for enriching salads, raw or cooked vegetables and grilled white meat or fish! From Modena, Italy.Mussini Condiment Balsamic Vinegar with Blood Orange is a high quality blood orange balsamic vinegar made in the Modena region of Italy according to traditional rules and a secret recipe that goes back at least four generations. This top product is guaranteed to meet all your expectations!

You are guaranteed to recognize the dark brown color, the specific vinegar consistency, the sweet taste of the Trebbiano grape must and the slightly bitter aroma of blood orange as soon as you open the bottle. The balanced taste and bittersweet experience with velvety nuances give a delicious taste to salads, cooked and raw vegetables, but also grilled white meat and fish. Only add the Mussini Condiment Balsamic Vinegar with Blood Orange to the meal after cooking so that the special smell and taste can best be appreciated.

Simply heavenly!


gekochter Traubenmost, Balsamico Essig aus Modena (Weinessig, gekochter Traubenmost), Blutorangensaft (2%) (Konservierungsmittel: Natriumdisulfit), natürliches Blutorangenaroma (1%).


Value per
100 G
Energie in KJ
1,220 KJ
Energie in KCal
287 KCAL
0.0 G
Davon gesättigste Fetsäuren
0.0 G
67.7 G
Davon Zucker
67.7 G
0.6 G
0.09 G


  • Sulfit

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