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Strawberry Rhubarb Agrodolce

Strawberry Rhubarb Agrodolce

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A delicious mélange of sweet strawberries and aromatic rhubarb with a fine acidity that will delight you! This extremely tasty duo goes perfectly with fruity salads, is delicious as Dressings with tart leaf salads or with wonderful desserts or compotes. This Agrodolce also tastes wonderful with fruit salads with orange, wonderful in combination with our lemon olive oil or Soler Romero. It's also a real revelation over fresh fruit, in rhubarb compote, ice cream or pudding!


Zucker, Erdbeermark (33,9%), Essig, Wasser, Maltodextrin, modifizierte Stärke, Natürliches Aroma, Verdickungsmittel: Xanthan, Guarkernmehl, Farbstoffe: Karotte, Antioxidationsmittel: Kaliummetabisulfit.


Value per
100 G
Energie in KJ
724 KJ
Energie in KCal
173 KCAL
0.2 G
Davon gesättigste Fetsäuren
0.0 G
38.5 G
Davon Zucker
36.3 G
0.3 G
0.00 G


  • Sulfit

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