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Fleur de Sel Nature 90 g

Fleur de Sel Nature 90 g

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"Fleur de Sel", also called salt flower, is salt in its purest, most precious form. The small, wonderful salt flowers are delicate and crunchy at the same time. The salt has a subtle violet scent and gives the dishes a delicate aroma. It is rich in minerals (especially magnesium and calcium) and brings out the subtle flavor nuances of food. This Fleur de Sel comes from the salt marshes of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean. It is created by the interaction of sun, wind and water. When there is high solar radiation and light winds, which promote water evaporation, it forms as a thin layer on the sea surface. Early in the morning it is then skimmed by hand by the “salt farmers” and dried in the sun. Only around 1 kg of salt is extracted from a water surface of around 35 m². This makes it the most precious and original salt in the world. It is particularly popular among top chefs because it gives dishes a delicate aroma. In order to preserve this aroma and crispiness, it is best added to the dish at the very end.


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