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Fregula pasta 500g

Fregula pasta 500g

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Small but nice: a completely different noodle! Here is a very special Sardinian pasta specialty made from durum wheat semolina. The noodle balls (ball pasta) are available in two versions: as normal pasta or roasted. These roasted (Tostata) are more aromatic and nuttier in taste, made according to an old family secret recipe.

These Fregula Tostata are made by a Tuscan family business that has been in business for 5 generations ( Founded in 1860) specializes in the production of very fine pasta. The siblings Lucia, Antonio and Marco continue the family tradition today, so that one can speak of a real pasta factory.

The secret of this Fregula Tostata, a type of pasta that is still little known in this country, lies in the Ingredient of durum wheat semolina. This ensures an incomparable taste. The subsequent roasting gives this pasta its special nutty taste and color - without the addition of any colors/flavors/preservatives. 100% natural.

Fregula are very elaborately produced/rolled using circular movements in a kind of kneading basket and are therefore similar to couscous. They are particularly suitable as a soup addition as they keep their shape in the soup.


Hartweizengrieß, Wasser.
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