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Lemon & Herb Rub - 75g

Lemon & Herb Rub - 75g

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Also crazy about lamb or (baked) potatoes? Then this mixture is an absolute must-have. This spice mixture is ideal for simply seasoning potatoes, lamb, chicken or vegetables. The fresh and spicy mixture contains plenty of herbs and spices such as rosemary, garlic, black pepper, oregano, lemon peel and spearmint. This spice blend is inspired by a combination of some popular Mediterranean flavors such as lemon, roasted garlic and woody herbs. Thanks to the lemon and rosemary, this mixture has a wonderfully fresh taste.

Recipe suggestions

- For seasoning lamb meat such as rack of lamb or lamb chops
- Ideal for seasoning potatoes as the mixture also contains a lot of rosemary
- Delicious with fish dishes such as cod or white fish
- Delicious in salad Dressings

This rub can be used in two ways: as a “dry rub” and as a “wet rub”. “To rub” means to rub in in English. For a dry rub, meat, fish or vegetables are rubbed with the dry mixture. For a “wet rub”, the herb mixture is first soaked in olive oil for an hour before the ingredient to be marinated is rubbed with it.


Meersalz (40 %), getrockneter Rosmarin (18 %), gerösteter Knoblauch, schwarze Pfefferkörner, getrockneter Oregano (8 %), getrocknete Zitronenschale (5 %), getrocknete Minze (2 %), natürliches Zitronenaroma mit anderen natürlichen Aromen (0,5 %).


Value pro
100 G
Energie KJ
704 KJ
Energie Kcal
168 KCAL
3,6 G
davon gesättigte Fettsäuren
1,6 G
37,2 G
davon Zucker
1,0 G
4,7 G
38,83 G


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