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Mustard Trio 135 g

Mustard Trio 135 g

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A gift set of three different mustards: Honey, Garlic and Devil's Mustard. Try the mild, sweet honey mustard, the coarse, aromatic garlic mustard and the coarse, spicy devil's mustard. Delicious with cheese and surprising in Dressings or marinades! You're spoiled for choice! Most of the time anyway. This gift set contains three mini jars with different types of mustard, each of which tastes equally delicious. Just choose the mustard you're in the mood for.

The The name says it all: Honey Mustard is a delicate mustard made from mild mustard seeds that get a sweet undertone from the honey.The addition of garlic gives Garlic Mustard, which is made from whole mustard seeds, a savory touch.Devils Mustard is the The hottest variety of this mustard trio! The "Devil's Mustard" owes this to the whole mustard seeds and the addition of cayenne pepper, sambal and spices.

All mustard types can be served both warm and cold and all three give different types of cheese, Snacks and salads as an ingredient in a vinaigrette made from olive oil and vinegar their own flavor character. You can also stir the mustard varieties into your sauces for a little more bite. Did you know that mustard is also suitable as a marinade for, for example, fricandeu or bone-in ham?

You can already see it: with this mustard trio there are no limits to your culinary ambitions. And for lovers: the Honey Mustard, the Garlic Mustard and the Devil's Mustard are also available in large jars.


Honey mustard: Senfkörner, Honig (25%), Essig, Wasser, Gewürze, Zucker, Salz, natürliches Aroma, Dill, Kräuter, Farbstoffe: Kurkumin.Garlic mustard: Senfkörner, Essig, Wasser, Zucker, Knoblauch (2%), Gewürze, Salz, natürliches Aroma.Devils mustard: Senfkörner, Essig, Wasser, Pepperonipaste (9%) (Chili, Salz, Säureregulator: Essigsäure), Zucker, Gewürze, Salz, natürliches Aroma, Knoblauch, Zwiebel, Kräuter.


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