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Olive picker made of olive wood

Olive picker made of olive wood

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A stylish olive wood accessory: this olive picker has four prongs in the shape of a tulip. Goes perfectly with our collection of handmade Tunisian olive wood accessories for a naturally luxuriously set table. Of course, a beautifully set table with appetizers such as olives and small tomatoes should not be without the right olive picker. This olive picker made of olive wood fits naturally into your table decoration thanks to its stylish design. The pick is 14.5 cm long and has four prongs in the shape of a tulip. Completely Tunisian handiwork from exclusive olive wood, which is beautiful to look at due to its medium brown color and darker grain. Since it is a natural product, no two items are alike and that is what makes this range so charming.

Olive wood requires certain care. It is best to wash it by hand with clear water without dishwashing liquid. In addition, the wood must not be exposed to too much sun and heat. If the olive picker dries out a bit due to intensive use, simply sand it down with some emery paper and then rub it with a little neutral (olive) oil so that the olive oil regains its natural shine.

This olive picker made of olive wood fits perfectly into our wide range of accessories made of olive wood. Each one is a beautiful one-of-a-kind.

Come to our shop and experience this natural luxury for yourself.
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