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paella pan

paella pan

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Paella is a Spanish rice dish that is traditionally prepared in a large pan. Probably the most famous Spanish dish has its origins in the beautiful region of Valencia. The way it is prepared varies from region to region. Basically, however, rice and many seafood, such as Add shrimp and mussels, chicken, rabbit or even spicy chorizo. The dish can also be modified very well for vegetarians. By the way, a well-cooked paella should be golden in color. This coloring comes from the saffron with which it is refined.

For the preparation in the pan, it is essential to use a good olive oil.

Suitable for all types of cookers, ideal for cooking in the oven.
Do not heat the pan too quickly or when it is empty.
Caution: Use only at medium temperature with induction. Very good heat retention. Do not use any metal objects in the pan.

Not dishwasher-safe, but very easy to clean. After cleaning, however, do not leave it damp, but dry it directly.
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