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Piri Piri Sauce 200 g

Piri Piri Sauce 200 g

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Piri Piri is the Portuguese term for all Spicy red chili varieties. In Africa there is also the nickname "African Devil" in Swahili because of its spiciness. Today, piri piri is used as a spice sauce wherever it is hot, including in the countries of the Mediterranean region. Portuguese traders once brought the original plant to the Portuguese colonies of today's Angola, Zimbabwe and South Africa, from where it came then today's Birdeye chili was developed. This authentic Piri Piri sauce is ideal for seasoning many dishes: for a fiery kick in marinades, guacamole, pasta or pizza. Delicious for Spicyes chicken or grilled food, for a savory cheesecake or cocktail, such as. B. a Bloody Mary preferably non-alcoholic. Also perfect as a quick table seasoning, perhaps refined with a little lemon juice.


Chili (45%), Wasser, Salz, Sonnenblumenöl, Gewürze, Säureregulator: Zitronensäure, Natriumbenzoat, Verdickungsmittel: Xanthan.


Value per
100 G
Energie in KJ
116 KJ
Energie in KCal
1.6 G
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0.3 G
0.6 G
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0.1 G
1.0 G
11.00 G


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