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Pork & Beef Herbal Preparation S! 60g

Pork & Beef Herbal Preparation S! 60g

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If you want to grill the pork indirectly, we recommend seasoning the meat before putting it in the BBQ smoker or on the kettle grill with indirect heat. If you grill the meat directly or use a beefer, you should only season it after grilling - this way the herbs can't burn and you have the perfect herbal taste experience.

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Ideal for seasoning fine pork. Types of meat such as dry aged pork, Duroc, Iberico and all pork specialties.


Petersilie, Brennnessel, Kamille, Liebstöckelblätter, Koriander, Wacholderbeeren, Kümmel, SENFkörner, Anis, Fenchel, Schabziegerklee.
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