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Quince Balsamic - Casa di Mattoni - 200 ml

Quince Balsamic - Casa di Mattoni - 200 ml

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Handmade in the casa di mattoni. This quince balsamic vinegar makes connoisseurs' hearts beat faster. The acidity of the vinegar harmonises with the sweetness of the quince and gives dishes the finishing touch. The quince juice for the quince balsamic vinegar is sourced directly from the region at the Mosterei Hurni + Sohn in Ferenbalm.

The production process takes at least 6 months. For a single liter of quince balsamic vinegar, 6 - 8 kg of quinces are processed. The result is a double-fermented quince balsamic vinegar of the extra class, which does not require any additives at all.

The quince balsamic vinegar is fresh, with a delicate note of saffron and a pleasant taste of quince.

Application: Goes well with marinating meat and fish, with wok dishes, cheese, salads, vegetables or in an alcoholic drink.


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