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Raspberry nougat 100 g

Raspberry nougat 100 g

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Each bar is a work of art in itself: the finest Italian soft nougat decorated with real raspberries and dark chocolate. A true feast for the senses!

The perfect addition to a cozy coffee or tea hour. Delicious with ice cream or simply as a treat in between. Warning: Danger of addiction!

The traditional Italian company from Lombardy has been producing nougat for generations according to an old family recipe from 1924 and is a true expert in this field.

The company, based in Lombardy near Milan/Bergamo, only uses first-class ingredients that are processed by experienced confectioners. The soft nougat is characterized by a high almond content and an extremely soft consistency.


Zucker, Glukosesirup, Honig, Mandeln (7%) (nicht-EU), Haselnüsse, Maisstärke, Kakaomasse, Sonnenblumenöl, Magermilchpulver, gefriergetrocknete Himbeeren (1,4%) (nicht-EU), Eiweiß, Kartoffelstärke, Kakaobutter, Milchmolkenpulver, Laktose, Brombeeren, Heidelbeeren, natürliches Aroma, Himbeeren (0,1%) (EU und nicht-EU), Erdbeeren, Wasser, Emulgator: Lecithine und Sojalecithine, säreregulator: Zitronensäure, konzentrierte Säfte (karotte, Hibiskus, Zitron), Gerliermittel: Pektine
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