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Olive wood salad servers

Olive wood salad servers

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Durable, high-quality salad servers made from olive wood. The cutlery fits comfortably in the hand and is therefore suitable not only for serving salads, but also for serving spaghetti.

All olive wood used to make our products is sustainably sourced. The felling of the trees is regulated by the government and for every tree felled, a new one is planted. In addition, only olive trees that no longer produce olives are felled. Apart from being very aesthetic, these salad servers also have a beautiful story. Since wood is a natural product, each set has its own unique wood grain.

How to keep cutlery in top condition:

- Wash only with water without detergent

- Do not expose the wood to the sun for a long period of time.

- Do not expose the cutlery to excessive heat

- Occasionally rub the cutlery with neutral (olive) oil so that the olive wood retains its shine.
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