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Saveurade Frejus 250 ml

Saveurade Frejus 250 ml

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This concentrated culinary marinade can be used in many ways in the kitchen. For meat, fish, vegetables or pasta sauce, including garlic, parsley and onion. Due to its high concentration, you only need very little of the Saveurade Fréjus to bring out the delicious taste. So you only need 1 tbsp to prepare 100 g of meat or fish, even just half a tbsp for 150 g of pasta and 1 or 2 tbsp for 100 g of herb butter.

With ingredients such as garlic, parsley and onion, The Saveurade Fréjus is extremely suitable for processing all kinds of dishes with a French touch. The marinade is perfect for marinating fish or meat, but you can also use it to prepare herb butter or as a base for a pasta sauce.

Or spread small pieces of baguette/bread to make homemade croutons Saveurade and bake in the oven at 180°C until golden brown. For a delicious herb crust on a rack of lamb or salmon, mix 75g butter with 3 tablespoons of Saveurade and 4 small slices of old white bread. This will be a feast!


vollständig gehärtetes Rapsöl, Petersilie (23%), Glukosesirup, Salz, Knoblauch (10%), Zwiebel (6%), Bouillonpulver (Salz, Eiweißhydrolysat aus Raps, Kartoffelstärke, Zucker, Aroma, Maltodextrin, Lorbeer, Gewürznelke, Kurkuma), Kurkuma, weißer Pfeffer, Majoran, natürliches Kloblaucharoma, Trennmittel: Siliziumdioxid, Rosmarin, Oregano, Liebstöckelblatt.


Value per
100 G
Energie in KJ
2,254 KJ
Energie in KCal
547 KCAL
54.3 G
Davon gesättigste Fetsäuren
12.5 G
10.1 G
Davon Zucker
3.8 G
2.8 G
10.30 G


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