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Smokey BBQ Mix 70g

Smokey BBQ Mix 70g

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Wonderfully aromatic real African spice mix with smoked paprika flakes, chili, sea salt, garlic and basil. Gives your dishes a wonderful smoky flavor with a strong, spicy spiciness. The producer, a family business near Cape Town, the most cosmopolitan city in South Africa, is very successfully continuing the traditional spice trade there by cultivating the herbs themselves, which are then used fresh to make the best spice products in the world are processed. It doesn't get any fresher! This seasoning mix with smoked paprika is ideal for meat, fish and grilled dishes.

Let the herb mixture swell in lukewarm water, then add some extra virgin olive oil (for example Morgenster / also from South Africa) and use it to season your salad, pasta, meat or fish. Also perfect as a base for marinades or dip sauces. For dip sauces, simply mix with crème fraîche, mayonnaise or cream cheese instead of olive oil. The spice mixture can also be used dry for minced meat or homemade hamburgers. Bon appetit!


geräucherte Paprika (47,3%), getrockneter Knoblauch, Meersalz, getrocknetes Basilikum.


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100 G
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288 KJ
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6.6 G
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39.7 G
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8.9 G
26.59 G


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