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Spritz Vinegar 250 ml

Spritz Vinegar 250 ml

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The taste of orange goes wonderfully with the mild, creamy taste of avocado. Very fine as Dressing in combination with our Arbequina extra virgin olive oil, especially iceberg lettuce with avocado, cherry tomatoes and shrimp.

Deliciously fruity as a typical Italian spritz drink made from 3 parts Prosecco, 1 Portion sparkling water (200ml) and 2 tablespoons Spritz Vinegar in a tall wine glass with ice cubes, garnished with a slice of orange. Tastes wonderfully fresh with a slight bitter note. Brilliant even without Prosecco as a non-alcoholic cocktail.

Produces a fine summer marinade for salmon or chicken skewers in combination with extra virgin olive oil with garlic and our Smokey BBQ Mix.

Dressing Tip: Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Orange


Essigzubereitung mit natürlichemOrangen Aroma und natürlichem EnzianAroma - Zutaten: Fruchtsirup (Trauben)(52%) (Italien), Weißweinessig (40%) (EU),Wasser, natürliche Aromen, natürlichesOrangen Aroma (0,5%), natürliches EnzianAroma (0,1%), färbendes Konzentrat:Färberdistel, Zitrone, Karotte und schwarzeJohannisbeere, Antioxidationsmittel:Kaliummetabisulfiet.


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