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Strozzapreti with Peperoncino 500 g

Strozzapreti with Peperoncino 500 g

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Original red pasta, made from high-quality durum wheat semolina, refined with chili. The color comes from all-natural ingredients like beetroot and tomatoes. Only the best ingredients make this pasta something very special.Spaghetti della Mamma is authentic spaghetti from Puglia in southern Italy.

The pasta is made using artisanal methods from the best durum wheat available and dried at a low temperature. This gives the spaghetti della mamma a rougher texture and the sauce sticks better to the pasta, as the mammas in Italy say it should be! And you can taste it.

The cooking time for spaghetti della mamma al dente is twelve to fourteen minutes. The packaging contains five to six servings. Prepare the pasta with one of the delicious tomato sauces or pasta herb mixes from our range. But these spaghetti also taste delicious with a cream or pesto sauce.

Or combine the Spaghetti della Mamma with one of the other products from the Oil & Vinegar della Mamma series as a nice gift for your own mom!


Hartweizengrieß, Chilipulver (2%), dehydrierter Tomaten, dehydrierter rote Beete.


Value per
100 G
Energie in KJ
1,500 KJ
Energie in KCal
358 KCAL
1.6 G
Davon gesättigste Fetsäuren
0.8 G
73.0 G
Davon Zucker
2.1 G
11.5 G
0.01 G


  • Gluten
  • Weizen

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