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Sweet & Smoky Rub 100 g

Sweet & Smoky Rub 100 g

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Smoky-sweet herb mixture with garlic, paprika, cumin, brown sugar, salt and coriander. The ideal seasoning for fans of meat and smokehouses. With this rich spice mixture you can easily bring smoky aromas into the kitchen. The herb mixture contains brown sugar and salt to make the meat even tastier. The salt removes the moisture from the meat, allowing the other spices to develop perfectly. The sugar caramelizes and forms a nice crust. The smoke aroma comes from smoked chilies, paprika and smoked salt.

Tip! Season a beautifully oiled beef steak with these delicious herbs and be surprised by the smoky-sweet taste. Allow the herbs to soak for about 30 minutes before grilling. Poultry and seafood also taste fantastic with this mixture.

This rub can be used in two ways: as a “dry rub” and as a “wet rub”. “To rub” means to rub in in English. For a dry rub, the meat (fish or vegetables) is rubbed with the dry mixture. For a “wet rub”, the herb mixture is first soaked in olive oil for an hour before the meat (fish or vegetables) is rubbed with it.


Rauchsalz (38 %), brauner Zucker, gerösteter Knoblauch, geräucherter Paprika (10 %), Paprika, Raucharoma (2 %), Koriandersamen, Rauchextrakt (2 %), Trennmittel (Siliziumdioxid), geräucherter Chili (1 %), Kreuzkümmel


Value pro
100 G
Energie KJ
7877 KJ
Energie Kcal
188 KCAL
2,6 G
davon gesättigte Fettsäuren
0,4 G
43,0 G
davon Zucker
23,0 G
5,7 G
36.97 G


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