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Taralli with olive oil 200 g

Taralli with olive oil 200 g

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Taralli are a specialty from Puglia, the region of southern Italy with a very rich culinary tradition. The rings are an airy, crispy, hearty snack pastry.
This Italian specialty has a long tradition in Apulia. The crispy baked dough rings were often used as a substitute for bread for lunch by farmers, fishermen and shepherds you still ate fresh tomatoes. The simple production from flour, olive oil, salt and wine made it easy to produce and easy to store. The pretty curls are now very popular with lovers of Italian specialties all over the world. They go wonderfully with cheese, antipasti, salads, or on their own with a glass of wine or a chilled beer. Well sealed, they stay fresh and tasty for a long time when stored in a dry place.


Knusprig Brotsnack mit Olivenöl - Zutaten: Weichweizenmehl, Weißwein (Sulfit), Olivenöl (9,9%) (EU), Natives Olivenöl (3,5%) (EU), Salz


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