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<tc>Bio</tc> Apple Cider Vinegar 500ml

<tc>Bio</tc> Apple Cider Vinegar 500ml

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100% pure biological apple Agrodolce. Unfiltered, which retains all healthy properties such as minerals and vitamins.

During the process of making apples into cider and in the process afterwards, this Agrodolce is not filtered so that the mother bacteria and other vinegar bacteria are preserved. By omitting filtration, the “mother” that is created during the processing of the active acetic acid bacteria can be retained in the Agrodolce by the sediment. This is a completely natural process; simply shake before use.

This apple Agrodolce is in line with the trend for unprocessed, cleansing “PureRaw” products. A glass with a dash of apple Agrodolce and lukewarm water is a good start to the morning. This is a real trend among foodies. If you want to tone down the sour kick, add some honey or lemon juice.


Biologischer Apfelessig(100%) (Italien). Kann Spuren enthalten von Sulfit. Durch den natürlichen Essig könnten Essigmutterbildungen entstehen. Säuregehalt: 5%


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100 ML
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78 KJ
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  • Sulfit

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