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Tomato pulp <tc>Agrodolce</tc>

Tomato pulp <tc>Agrodolce</tc>

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This special flavor combination of vinegar and fruity tomato pulp gives your Dressings and marinades and all salads, especially pasta salad, a fine tomato flavor. Delicious with a caprese salad made from tomatoes and mozzarella! Taste tomato, slightly sweet

Color orange-red
Acidity 4%

The aroma of tomato pulp, that was processed here refines your dishes.
Tomato pulp-Agrodolce tastes delicious in a caprese salad with tomatoes, mozzarella and basil. For a Dressing it can be combined with both neutral and flavorful olive oils from Oil & Vinegar, such as: B. basil olive oil, olive oil with herbs from Provence or garlic olive oil can be wonderfully combined.
Tomato pulp-Agrodolce is also very suitable for marinades, together with olive oil EV and, if desired, seasoned even more intensively with the Oil & Vinegar Dipp Toscana. Refinedly refreshing on your warm pasta together with a dash of olive oil, a little garlic and a pinch of salt and pepper. This also gives guacamole a fresh, slightly sour note. Would you like a drink? A splash refines your Bloody Mary. There are almost endless possibilities for tomato Agrodolce!
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