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Truffle Honey 120 g

Truffle Honey 120 g

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The aroma of this truffle honey is sweet and mild, but has a distinct truffle flavor. The best way to taste this is to try the honey pure. That's why it tastes best with mild cheese and soft cheeses, such as goat's cheese, sheep's cheese or Brie. A little bit goes a long way. The honey also goes well with mature cheeses such as Camembert (tip: heat it in the oven), blue cheese or Pecorino. Or try it in combination with well-aged meat (dry-aged) or over smoked salmon.

The honey is millefiori, Italian for "thousand flowers". Millefiori is the honey of the Italian spring and summer months. During these months, many trees, plants and flowers are in full bloom and provide an abundance of pollen. This honey is enriched with fine pieces of summer truffles. The truffles come from Italian forests and grow underground. Truffles cannot be cultivated. That's why they are collected by experienced truffle hunters who, thanks to the good noses of their specially trained sniffer dogs, know how to track down this special natural product.


Zubereitung auf Basis von Millefiori Honig und Sommertrüffel - Zutaten: Millefiori-Honig (96%) (EU), Sommertrüffel (Tuber aestivum Vitt.) (3%) (Italien), Aroma


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