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Vinegar trio 3x40 ml

Vinegar trio 3x40 ml

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Amaretto Vinegar
If you are a fan of the Italian liqueur Amaretto, you will love this Amaretto Vinegar with the unmistakable taste of the Italian classic. Did you know that "Amaretto" means "a little bitter" in Italian? This taste rounds off our Amaretto Vinegar perfectly.
Gives your fruit salads a delicious touch!
Excellent as a marinade: the vinegar makes the meat nice and tender and the sweet taste ensures it for a caramelizing layer. Fabulous with (Italian) desserts, the brilliant ingredient for cocktails.
Whiskey Vinegar
For all grill masters who are looking for something brilliantly new every summer! Here comes an absolutely innovative product: white wine vinegar with a distinctively spicy whiskey note. As a marinade, the ideal tenderizer for meat. Perfect for Dressings and sauces, for glazing scampi or marinating salmon. Excellent for the BBQ season.
Spritz Vinegar
This Spritz Vinegar is inspired by the famous Italian summer drink. Delicious in salads with avocado, in marinades for salmon or for preparing a (non-alcoholic) summer cocktail!

Country (region) of origin - Moselle
Acidity: 4%
Without refined sugar
Exclusively for Oil & Vinegar
The Amaretto Vinegar is only available in a set and not in the large bottle.

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