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White wine-<tc>Agrodolce</tc> tarragon 250 ml

White wine-<tc>Agrodolce</tc> tarragon 250 ml

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The perfect blend of Spanish white wine vinegar (70%) and white Italian balsamic (30%) gives this vinegar a harmonious balance with a balanced acid structure. With the best real tarragon taste thanks to a real tarragon branch.

Fresh tarragon (called dragon herb as a medicinal plant) is often difficult to find, and dried versions cannot keep up with fresh ones. However, with this vinegar, you will always have fresh tarragon on hand for your dishes.

Tarragon was once a familiar herb and was used extensively in classic French cuisine. It wasn't just the famous Béarnaise sauce that got its typical taste from this herb. It goes perfectly with an infinite number of meat and fish dishes; many salads, marinades, sauces, soups and stews are given the finishing touch by the herb. The distinctive taste goes well with chicken, veal, fish and mushrooms.

Extra virgin olive oil with lemon


Weißweinessig 75% (Spanien), Condiment von Weißer Balsamico, Estragon 3% (Niederlande), Antioxidationsmittel: schwefeldioxid. This product contains:


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175 KJ
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